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If you or a loved one has been burned in any type of accident, here's what you need to know:

Medical Aspects

The primary concern of burn treatment is getting the burn injury covered with grafted here to learn more.

Psychological Concerns

There are psychological concerns for both the burn patient and the family of the burn patient. For the here to learn more.

Legal Considerations

Read about the five things you need to do after a burn accident.


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How long did it
take to recover?


My advice for
victims' families


What can a lawsuit
help accomplish?

My Mission

I am a burn survivor, lawyer, therapist, and father who tries to give voice to burn survivors and their families.  I understand the burn injury in its physical, legal, emotional, and mental aspects.  I have been published in a national journal for lawyers, and served as an educator for burn prevention on public radio, for the state fire marshal, and at the University of Iowa Burn Center.  I encourage you to contact me to discuss your situation.

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